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Planning to Travel?

WorldMark TravelSecure®* provides:
  • Accident and sickness medical coverage for eligible trips
  • Medical evacuation coverage
  • Lost baggage and personal effects coverage
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Travelling by car?

WorldMark TravelSecure®* provides:
  • US accident and sickness medical coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Lost personal effects coverage
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What happens if...

You or your traveling companion is injured or gets sick?

WorldMark TravelSecure® provides you with medical protection over and above your own health insurance and covers your out-of-pocket co-pays. Plus, if your injury or illness requires that you be airlifted to a hospital or returned home to the United States or Canada for treatment, you don't need to worry about the expense-WorldMark TravelSecure provides up to $500,000 for emergency evacuation. Limits and/or restrictions apply.

Your car won't start or breaks down en route?

WorldMark TravelSecure includes 24-hour roadside assistance. Services include jump start, fuel delivery, tire change, lock-out and towing to the nearest service station. Limits and/or restrictions apply.

You lose your plane ticket or travel documents?

Travel assistance is just a phone call away. WorldMark TravelSecure can help you re-book airline, hotel or car rental reservations; replace lost travel documents if you lose your passport, airline tickets, credit cards or traveler's checks; forward messages to reach an employer, family member or traveling companion; provide legal assistance if you have any legal problems; and even dispatch a physician or nurse if medically necessary.

Your luggage is lost, delayed or damaged?

With WorldMark TravelSecure, you'll be reimbursed for necessities if your luggage is delayed. If your bags are lost or damaged, your personal items are covered up to $1,000.

TravelSecure Factsheet

  • What is WorldMark TravelSecure®?

    WorldMark TravelSecure® is a privately labeled travel protection program for WorldMark Owners. This program is a response to an ever-increasing concern about safety and security in leisure travel, and offers WorldMark Owners a unique package of travel assistance service and insurance benefits that can be used year-round. The WorldMark TravelSecure travel protection program has been designed to provide significant benefits at a price that owners could not easily obtain on their own. WorldMark TravelSecure includes the following benefits*:

    • Medical and travel assistance available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Helping the traveler locate and use medical resources while traveling as well as access to on-staff nurses and physicians at On Call International.
    • Medical evacuation coverage, while traveling 100 miles or more away home, in a covered travel emergency if a traveler becomes injured and requires evacuation to proper medical facilities from anywhere in the world. Additional coverage is provided to bring a family member to the sick or injured traveler.
    • Roadside assistance up to $500 while traveling 50 miles or more away from home.
    • Lost or stolen purse or wallet assistance, providing full support in the replacement of stolen credit cards, passports, driver's license and airline tickets.
    • Lost baggage or personal effects, providing up to $1,000 to replace items lost or stolen on a trip.
  • Who does WorldMark TravelSecure cover?
    WorldMark TravelSecure covers the owner and anyone traveling with the owner or staying in the owner's unit with the owner (provided they are using the unit based on the covered owner's privileges). Certain terms & conditions apply. Please consult the WorldMark TravelSecure Protection Plan for complete coverage details.
  • What is the term of coverage?
    Owners gain many benefits from this plan as early as the day after they enroll and are covered for one year from that date. Please consult the WorldMark TravelSecure Protection Plan for further details.
  • How many vacations are covered?
    All WorldMark-related travel is covered for the year the policy is active. For instance, if a WorldMark Owner goes on five different WorldMark vacations over the year, they are covered on all their trips. If WorldMark credits are exchanged with an affiliate such as RCI, the Owner is covered for that trip as well. However, if the owner goes on a pleasure or business trip that is not booked through WorldMark or its affiliates, they are covered only for Roadside Assistance benefits (when 50 miles or more from home) and for Evacuation Medical Protection benefits (when 100 miles or more from home). Please consult the WorldMark TravelSecure Protection Plan for further details.
  • Is WorldMark TravelSecure International Medical coverage?
    The Travel Secure program is not intended to be a primary Medical expense policy, and does not take the place of medical or international travel insurance. If you are planning to travel outside of the United States, please contact your trusted travel advisor for further travel insurance options”
  • What is the price of WorldMark TravelSecure coverage?
    $59 USD per year.
  • How does the owner receive verification of enrollment?
    The owner will receive the WorldMark TravelSecure documentation via e-mail or standard postal service in as little as two weeks after enrolling. Many services start the day following the owner's enrollment in the program.
  • What is the WorldMark TravelSecure refund policy?
    Owners requesting cancellations from WorldMark TravelSecure are eligible to receive a full refund if the cancellation request is within 30 days of the enrollment date and no trips have been taken.
  • What are the WorldMark TravelSecure contact numbers owners should use while on vacation?
    Call 1-866-816-2109, toll-free, within the United States or 603-328-1755, collect, from anywhere in the world.
  • What is covered?

    WorldMark TravelSecure provides the following coverage to ensure your security and peace of mind*:

    Travel Assistance Services

    • Reservation assistance - WorldMark TravelSecure will provide assistance to re-book airline or car rental reservations.
    • Pre-trip information - General information regarding inoculations, weather, travel, health, travel restrictions and special events for any destination worldwide.
    • Translation and interpreters - Foreign language assistance provided over the phone, or up to one page submitted via fax. For example, if a doctor writes the owner a bill or prescription in Spanish, the owner can have it translated. Any costs for additional translation or interpreter assistance are the responsibility of the owner.
    • Emergency cash advance assistance - In the event the owner loses their wallet and needs cash, WorldMark TravelSecure can arrange for money to be sent to the owner. The money and cost to conduct the transaction are billed to the owner.
    • Replacement of lost traveling documents assistance - If the owner loses their traveling documents and cannot leave a country, WorldMark TravelSecure will help arrange for those documents to be replaced. Any costs are the responsibility of the owner.
    • Emergency message forwarding assistance - If the owner is traveling and is unable to reach an employer, family member or traveling companion, WorldMark TravelSecure can forward a message via telephone to the intended party.
    • Lost luggage assistance - WorldMark TravelSecure can assist in the tracking of luggage lost in transit.
    • Legal referral - If an owner is on a covered trip and is arrested or having legal problems, WorldMark TravelSecure can arrange for an initial telephone consultation with an attorney without charge to the owner. If needed, the owner will be referred to an attorney in the appropriate geographic area. Fees and costs charged by the referred attorney will be the responsibility of the owner.

    Medical Information & Assistance Services

    • 24-hour nurse help line - WorldMark TravelSecure offers the services of a registered nurse to provide certain clinical assessment, education and general health information over the phone.
    • Dispatch of medicine - When medically necessary, medicine can be dispatched when not locally available. Prior to shipment, the owner must guarantee the cost of medicine and shipping charges.
    • Dispatch of physician or nurse - WorldMark TravelSecure can dispatch a physician or other health care professional to an owner's location to assist in determining the owner's medical condition and suitability to travel when necessary.
    • Emergency medical evacuation - If an attending physician and an On Call International medical specialist agree that treatment is not available at the owner's hospital, WorldMark TravelSecure will arrange evacuation to the nearest hospital that can provide appropriate treatment. WorldMark TravelSecure will reserve the right to determine which hospital can provide that treatment. The cost of medical services will be paid by the traveler's own medical insurance. WorldMark TravelSecure will pay for the cost of transporting the owner, a cost typically not covered by most medical insurance policies. WorldMark TravelSecure will determine the method of transportation. The owner's family will be evacuated with the patient when appropriate, or WorldMark TravelSecure will assist the rest of the family in changing their return flight accordingly. There is a limit of $500,000 per policy and the owner must be traveling 100 miles or more away from home.
    • Medical monitoring - The attending physician is responsible for delivering medical attention and making all medical decisions for the patient. The WorldMark TravelSecure program provides a United States-based doctor to monitor the hospitalized traveler's condition and the program can provide ongoing updates to the owner's family at their request. If needed, WorldMark TravelSecure may enlist the services of licensed consulting physicians, nurses and/ or other medical professionals with relevant areas of expertise to assist in monitoring the traveler's condition.
    • Medical referrals - WorldMark TravelSecure will provide referrals to medical professionals in a given geographical area.
    • Deposits and guarantees - In foreign countries, certain doctors and hospitals may require a deposit, advance or guaranteed payment before commencing treatment. In this event, WorldMark TravelSecure will assist by advancing these funds on behalf of the traveler to the medical provider. Any advances of funds on behalf of the traveler will be billed to traveler's credit card at the time of service.
    • Return of minor children/Visit by family member - If a traveler is injured on a covered trip and there is a medical indication that the patient will be in the hospital for more than seven days, WorldMark TravelSecure can make and pay for all travel arrangements for minor children to be returned home, including a non-medical escort as needed. Additional and upon request, WorldMark TravelSecure can bring a person chosen by the injured traveler for a single visit to and from their bedside, if the owner was traveling alone. There is a limit of $2,500 per policy.
    • Repatriation of deceased remains - In the event that a traveler dies while on a covered trip, their remains will be repatriated back to their home.

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